Adobe CS5 User Manuals

I recently upgraded to Adobe Creative Suite 5. So far it’s a nice upgrade and since is now written for a 64 bit Intel Mac, it is noticable quicker than the old version I had on my machine. But, since i bought the update online, and downloaded the software, I did not get any printed material (e.g. user manuals). And it looks like that if you buy the retail package, user manuals are not included either. So how do I learn to use the new stuff?
Download them from Adobe. They are the CS5 Help Guides, and here is where you can the core help files from Adobe:

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Help PDF ( 40MB)

Adobe Illustrator CS5 Help PDF ( 33MB)

Adobe InDesign CS5 Help PDF ( 40MB)

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Help PDF ( 20MB)

Adobe Flash CS5 Help PDF ( 15MB)

Adobe After Effects CS5 Help PDF ( 30MB)

Adobe Encore Help PDF (9.6MB)

Here is the complete  Creative Suite 5 reference page.