LIfe with out Netflix (Streaming)

I like Netflix and I like streaming video. But can I live with out netflix streaming? The simple answer is yes. Until September 1, when the price gouging switch over begins, I’ll try to see if I’m spending my $8 wiesly.  Last year I watched 19 titles in three months.  With the new pricing, that comes to $1.26 a title.  This year I watched 31 titles in 7 months, for $1.81 a title.  That includes all titles, unfinished movies, or just a few quick views.  So I really didn’t stream that much stuff.  And in all likelihood, I’m not going to miss it.

So when I cancel, what are my options?  I can always rent a movie from Amazon or iTunes for $2 or catch one of their $1 rental deals.  I will still receive my Blu-rays, which I prefer because they look and sound better.  Sure, it’s not as convenient, but i’m patient.

One thought on “LIfe with out Netflix (Streaming)”

  1. Totally with you. Sooo many glitches w streaming plus a yawn-inspiring selection… time waster.

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