iPhone 4, My First Hands on Impression

So far so good. I received my iPhone a day early, so thank you FedEx and Apple. After un-boxing and setting the unit up, I played around with it for a while. Here are my first impressions:
It seems denser, and more robust that the old 3G. But I will not be testing the robustness in fears of shattering either glass plate.
The buttons have much better feed back. They are not mushy.
The screen is very sharp. My photos from my Aperture library re-rendered and look like a print, and the text looks like it was printed out on paper. I do have the yellow dots, but I don’t focus on them since they are in the corners, and don’t really hamper performance yet.
The voice quality is just fine with the few calls i’ve made and received on it. I do get wandering signal strength, but I’ve not had a call dropped yet, nor not received a call.
The Camera is very nice, and takes some decent pictures. Much better than my old 3G, not as good as a pocket Canon. Plus, there is no digital zoom, so it can’t replace that.
The flash is bright as HELL. DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY INTO THE FLASH. Do not use the flash to take self pics, you will be seeing spots.
Compared to the 3G, it is quick fast, compared to the 3G on iOS4, it is blazing fast.
The compass doesn’t work well in a car (tested as a passenger).
Voice command works pretty good.
I had a FaceTime chat with my pal in Washington. Works as advertised. Pretty good picture, especially when using the regular camera and not the forward facing camera. Also, it linked up with no problems when behind my company’s firewall.
I am waiting for a case to protect the unit, but until then, it kinda fits in my old iSkin Revo case for my old 3G. Generally works, not like a glove, and the camera is somewhat obscured.
More to come with a full review. Probably next week after I have some more time to play with it.