Hands on the iPad I won’t buy

I picked up an iPad at Best Buy. I just picked it up, played around with it and then put it down.
Did you know that glass, aluminum, and LED backlighting is a lot heavier and bulkier than plastic and an e-ink display? The iPad is not a Kindle killer. It is a nice e-reader, but man this thing is heavy. They should have a chair there for you try it out as like Jobs demoed. I think a bed would be too much.
The screen is beautiful, and if the Wifi was fast at Best Buy, I’m pretty sure I could have watched all of Lego “Trinity Help” video on you tube. What I did watch looked fantastic. And Netflix would probably be very nice too. But, it’s streamed media, so why bother watching it on the iPad, when you can watch it on your TV?
The keyboard is weird, and if I had more time, I am pretty sure I could get used to it. But as I am using a full size keyboard on my MacBook, I don’t think I will like it that much. Originally, I though that the iPad would be my couch surfing replacement, but I don’t think that is going to happen. A used MacBook air would be a better choice for me, a really really cheap one.
Also, when I am in Europe, and want to get a book, I can buy it, where ever I am. The iPod Touch will is also a lot easier to carry around to hook up to free WiFi.
Enough of my rant. We’ll see what iPad 2.0 brings us.

More evil April ideas (Easter Edition)

Since Easter this year is soo close to April Fools day, I will disseminate my evil Easter pranks. Please don’t do these to loved one or strangers.
Prank 1: If your neighbors hide eggs in the back yard, dye some eggs (PAAS only, any other kit is wrong, you gotta stick to PAAS), gently put them in their backyard. Why gently? Because you didn’t hard boil them.
Prank 2: Same situation, sneak some collapsble eggs into a neighbors/friends Easter Egg hunt. The goodies in the eggs? Raw egg.
Remember folks, these are just hypothetical situations. Salmonella is no laughing matter.

A good son always has a mean April Fools’ prank

Not a real crack

My parents just retiled their entry way last week, and celebrated this occasion by taking a vacation in Mexico. I had to do something, something mean. So I took a photo of the new floor with my iPhone. Added a convincing crack to a tile with Photoshop, sent it to my wife so she could forward them the image while she was checking on the house.

It was simple, they received a message entitled “I’m so sorry” with the text “Please call me.”

They bit, and they bit hard.  My mom emailed back stating that Home Depot told them that unless a bowling ball was dropped on the tile, they should be very resilient.  They weren’t mad a her for breaking the tile, just sorry it had to happen on her watch, and that they’d contact Home Depot when they got home.  They also asked her to call them at their hotel when possible.

Well she called and just Said April Fools!


Mom didn’t expect that, let alone, my wife  to be in on it.  That’ll teach em.