First Impression of Aperture 3

I’ve been using Aperture for a few years now, and I just upgraded to Aperture 3. Luckily, I have 64 bit capable iMac so I can take advantage when I RAM this thing up. Right off the back, the program processes photos better, it is smarter and my already great looking photos look greater. However, since it is a .0 version, it’s buggy, and it’s crashed a few times already.
But they have added some nice features, ripped from iPhoto ’09 (finally), Places and Faces. Too bad I have to go back and re tag the important people and places where I’ve taken the photos. Luckily, when I go out in to the great outdoors, I take my GPS and tag where my cool photos are shot.
More to come when I have more time to play with all the new features, and find the hidden ones.