First Impression of Aperture 3

I’ve been using Aperture for a few years now, and I just upgraded to Aperture 3. Luckily, I have 64 bit capable iMac so I can take advantage when I RAM this thing up. Right off the back, the program processes photos better, it is smarter and my already great looking photos look greater. However, since it is a .0 version, it’s buggy, and it’s crashed a few times already.
But they have added some nice features, ripped from iPhoto ’09 (finally), Places and Faces. Too bad I have to go back and re tag the important people and places where I’ve taken the photos. Luckily, when I go out in to the great outdoors, I take my GPS and tag where my cool photos are shot.
More to come when I have more time to play with all the new features, and find the hidden ones.


beer cohoho
Mudnight Sun's CoHoHo IPA

Midnight Sun’s CoHoHo Imperial IPA, just may be the perfect IIPA
85 IBUs of happy hoppiness
8% ABV of warming wonder
22 oz of joy.

It is too bad that it is a seasonal ale, but the yearning next fall makes it worth the wait. I need to do a straight out taste test of the CoHoHo versus Stone’s Ruination IPA. ¬†At least I can aways get ruined with the Ruination IPA.